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We’re all family here, and in our DNA. Enjoy reading about weird, fun, or interesting historical insights, ancestral matters, and what you might want me to research for you, while you’re here. If you are interested in a free consultation for genealogical research, please let me know! I am passionate about research. Family history is incredibly interesting to me. Nothing is shocking, there is no judgment here! My family includes secret adoptions, a man with 59 children, a murderer, witches, and other strange people. I’d love to help you learn more about your family too!

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About Me

Hi, I’m Alicia, and I’m obsessed with history. I love finding little details, big moments, and even mundane information about history. Micro, macro, I love it all! I have my Master of Arts degree in History, and Bachelor of Arts joint major in Sociology and History. I have been working on my own and friends’ genealogy for over a decade. I also love the paranormal, oddities, local stories, etc. Read more

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