“Alicia did a fantastic job gathering genealogical evidence for me. I had already assembled a record of names in my area of interest, but Alicia was able to find details that were new to me (which is difficult to do!), and she traced family history farther than I had thought possible. She is on task, efficient, and well versed in all things genealogy! Whether you are just starting your search, or have already identified notable people, Alicia can enhance your information and guide you in your genealogy travels. Also, I was so happy that she sent me documents (including photos!) of some of the people I was interested in learning about- it’s such a humbling thing to have access to documents from the past, and I appreciate her thoroughness. In short, Alicia is excellent at her craft, and I would not hesitate to recommend her to others.”
– Jacquie


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Getting Away with Murder: The Life of Charles W. Austin Jr.

By Alicia M. Bertrand, M.A. The following is a case study into the life of Charles William Austin Jr.[1] A boy who would be arrested, convicted, and acquitted along with his co-worker for the murder of their boss. Using newspaper accounts and government documentation, census, and death certificates, the murder case is explored. The life…

Genealogical Resources for Black Canadians

January 2023 By Alicia Bertrand, M.A. Whether your family has been in Canada for hundreds of years, or you’re a first-generation Canadian, Black Canadians have numerous barriers to compiling family research.[1] Barriers such as institutionalized racism, a lack of representation in government documentation, a lack of representation in the histories of cities and towns, withholding…


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