In My Blood: Witches of Massachusetts

By Alicia Bertrand, M.A. September 10, 2021 In my blood, there are two women who were legally murdered by local judges, religious leaders, and townspeople in Massachusetts in the 1600s. They were accused, tried, and hanged for witchcraft. When one uses modern rationale, one of these women, Alice Lake,[1] suffered from grief. The second, SusannahContinue reading “In My Blood: Witches of Massachusetts”

In my Blood: Vikings and a Mythical Giant

By Alicia Bertrand, M.A. Over the years that I have worked on my genealogy, I have spent hours, sometimes days, to confirm a document, a person, or detail as fact before I add it to my research notes. On the other hand, there are days when I find that facts were thrown out the windowContinue reading “In my Blood: Vikings and a Mythical Giant”