Happy Holidays from Ancestry by Alicia!

Happy Holidays and a Happy 2022 to come! My family celebrates Christmas, and I thought you might enjoy a little Bertrand-Ross family photo collage to inspire you to look back at any family holiday photos you have. If you’re not close with your family, just know that we’re all cousins somehow, so you’re part ofContinue reading “Happy Holidays from Ancestry by Alicia!”

Toronto’s Christmas Time Train Incident: A Tragedy for the Engineer, a Blessing for Passengers

By Alicia Bertrand, M.A. In December 1906, dozens of Torontonians were out on trains and streetcars getting their last-minute Christmas shopping done, or travelling for the holiday to visit friends and family. On December 22, 1906, passengers of the express Canadian Pacific Railway (C.P.R) train from Toronto to Hamilton, and passengers on the other trainsContinue reading “Toronto’s Christmas Time Train Incident: A Tragedy for the Engineer, a Blessing for Passengers”

In My Blood: Witches of Massachusetts

By Alicia Bertrand, M.A. September 10, 2021 In my blood, there are two women who were legally murdered by local judges, religious leaders, and townspeople in Massachusetts in the 1600s. They were accused, tried, and hanged for witchcraft. When one uses modern rationale, one of these women, Alice Lake,[1] suffered from grief. The second, SusannahContinue reading “In My Blood: Witches of Massachusetts”

A History of Murder and Mayhem 2021: a Presentation in Partnership with Oshawa Public Libraries

Interested in Oshawa’s history or true crime? I’ll be presenting my research into Oshawa’s dark past in a presentation in partnership with the Oshawa Public Libraries on August 26th, 2021 at 6:00 PM EST via Zoom. Registration is limited so get your spot now! I would love for you to attend if you’re interested! EvenContinue reading “A History of Murder and Mayhem 2021: a Presentation in Partnership with Oshawa Public Libraries”

In my Blood: Vikings and a Mythical Giant

By Alicia Bertrand, M.A. Over the years that I have worked on my genealogy, I have spent hours, sometimes days, to confirm a document, a person, or detail as fact before I add it to my research notes. On the other hand, there are days when I find that facts were thrown out the windowContinue reading “In my Blood: Vikings and a Mythical Giant”

Two Families Under Lockdown (1918 vs. 2020): A Micro-History Case Study

Photos from Findagrave.com, it is of the Allen couple’s headstone. Originally published on LinkedIn: March 11, 2021 If you live in a home that is over 100 years old and you’re going stir-crazy from the COVID-19 lockdown/stay-at-home orders, imagine the person who sat in your house in 1918-1919 to avoid the Spanish Flu pandemic. AfterContinue reading “Two Families Under Lockdown (1918 vs. 2020): A Micro-History Case Study”

Marrying Up, an Estate Dispute in 1910 (Things Haven’t Changed Much in over a Century)

Photo credit: The Winnipeg Tribune, November 28, 1912, pg 1. Originally published on LinkedIn: January 16, 2021 In my personal time, I do a lot of historical research, both as a writer and as a genealogist. While combing through newspaper archives, I came across an estate dispute from 1910 that could be taken from theContinue reading “Marrying Up, an Estate Dispute in 1910 (Things Haven’t Changed Much in over a Century)”

History and Tax: Slayer of the Beast

Originally published on LinkedIn: November 4, 2019 In his 1898 “Curiosities of Popular Customs and of Rites, Ceremonies, Observances, and Miscellaneous Antiquities,”[1] William S. Walsh describes a tax that arose from the slaying of a wild boar. Between October 30th and November 7th each year, the parish residents of Chetwode, England owe the lord of theContinue reading “History and Tax: Slayer of the Beast”

History and Oddities: When Humans Attempted Flight

Photos from Undiscovered Scotland, and the Oshawa Museum. Originally published on LinkedIn: September 27, 2019 There are several stories throughout history that explore how humans have tried, and failed, to fly before the Wright brothers successfully soared. Here are two examples, one from Stirling Castle, Scotland in 1504 (or 1507 depending on the source), andContinue reading “History and Oddities: When Humans Attempted Flight”

History and the Courts: Fraud in France

Featured Photo: Illustration of Thérèse Humbert and Eve Humbert in the Prison for Women, Madrid upon capture. Photo Credit: The Criminocorpus Digital Library contains Archives d’anthropologie criminelle and private collections, notably P. Zoummeroff. Originally published to LinkedIn on December 27, 2018 December 27th is the anniversary of the death of serial liar and fraudster, ThérèseContinue reading “History and the Courts: Fraud in France”