Getting Away with Murder: The Life of Charles W. Austin Jr.

By Alicia M. Bertrand, M.A. The following is a case study into the life of Charles William Austin Jr.[1] A boy who would be arrested, convicted, and acquitted along with his co-worker for the murder of their boss. Using newspaper accounts and government documentation, census, and death certificates, the murder case is explored. The lifeContinue reading “Getting Away with Murder: The Life of Charles W. Austin Jr.”

The Man Who Loved to Sue

By Alicia Bertrand, M.A. Most of us have heard stories of frivolous lawsuits: the man who sued Kellogg’s because Froot Loops aren’t made with fruit,[1] the woman who sued a grocery store after tripping over her own child in an aisle,[2] or the man who sued his parents for creating him,[3] among others.[4] In 2020,Continue reading “The Man Who Loved to Sue”

In My Blood: Witches of Massachusetts

By Alicia Bertrand, M.A. September 10, 2021 In my blood, there are two women who were legally murdered by local judges, religious leaders, and townspeople in Massachusetts in the 1600s. They were accused, tried, and hanged for witchcraft. When one uses modern rationale, one of these women, Alice Lake,[1] suffered from grief. The second, SusannahContinue reading “In My Blood: Witches of Massachusetts”

Marrying Up, an Estate Dispute in 1910 (Things Haven’t Changed Much in over a Century)

Photo credit: The Winnipeg Tribune, November 28, 1912, pg 1. Originally published on LinkedIn: January 16, 2021 In my personal time, I do a lot of historical research, both as a writer and as a genealogist. While combing through newspaper archives, I came across an estate dispute from 1910 that could be taken from theContinue reading “Marrying Up, an Estate Dispute in 1910 (Things Haven’t Changed Much in over a Century)”

History and the Courts: Fraud in France

Featured Photo: Illustration of Thérèse Humbert and Eve Humbert in the Prison for Women, Madrid upon capture. Photo Credit: The Criminocorpus Digital Library contains Archives d’anthropologie criminelle and private collections, notably P. Zoummeroff. Originally published to LinkedIn on December 27, 2018 December 27th is the anniversary of the death of serial liar and fraudster, ThérèseContinue reading “History and the Courts: Fraud in France”