Alicia's, great-grandfather, James Albert Bertrand, standing in front of a large train. He was a train engineer as a career. You are on the pricing page of this website.
James Albert Bertrand, Alicia’s paternal great-grandfather, was a train engineer. Date unknown.

Genealogy, how expensive is it?

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Genealogical research can be expensive. However, it depends on how much information you want found, how many generations are found, and what your budget is. Other genealogy professionals charge $175 per research hour, and $125 per correspondence hour.

I am charging $75 per research hour, and $25 per correspondence hour, with a $100 retainer. I will work with you based on your budget, and what you want to find. If you want a thorough, deep-dive, story-board, type of family tree report, then it will be higher in cost.

Worried that the first hour of my research will be simply finding information you already know? Don’t worry, during our free consultation, you can tell me everything you already know, or add me as an Editor to your current family tree online service (on Ancestry, MyHeritage, FamilySearch, etc.), so that I can work past what information you already have accumulated.

Are you stuck on finding ONE person? I can focus on that! Do you want to get as far back as you can on only one branch of your tree? That’s okay too! That’s where my expertise comes in, to aid you, and help find what you want to know.

If you do not have the time to do the research yourself, I am here for you. I have subscriptions to numerous resources to access documents and resources that otherwise, would be difficult to obtain. I also review documents for their relevance and do not accept documents as factual without great confidence in them.

Here is a Checklist of records you may have around the house, to come prepared to your free consultation and enhance the research results.

Family and Home Records ✓
Personal Knowledge 
Account Books 
Farm Records 
Health/Medical Records 
Journals, Diaries 
Oral Tradition 
Wedding Books 
Family Bibles 
Baby Books 
Citizenship Papers 
Funeral Programs 
Legal Papers 
Social Security Cards 

Even if you have NO information, I usually start with your name, birth date, and birth place, your parents’ names, birth dates, and birth places, and if possible, your grandparents’ names, birth dates, and birth places. If known.


Retainer Fee

Pay your $100 Retainer Fee to begin Alicia’s work.


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