Happy Holidays from Ancestry by Alicia!

Bertrand and Ross family Christmas photos from the 1950s to the 1980s

Happy Holidays and a Happy 2022 to come!

My family celebrates Christmas, and I thought you might enjoy a little Bertrand-Ross family photo collage to inspire you to look back at any family holiday photos you have. If you’re not close with your family, just know that we’re all cousins somehow, so you’re part of my family.

Top left is my mom’s parents, her brother and sisters in the 1950s, and she’s the youngest girl in front left. The girl above her in the photo is my aunt Donna, and her family is in the bottom left photo in the early 1980s. (My cousin Lori passed two years ago at only 42 years old (she’s the middle child in the bottom left picture).
My parents, my sister, and I are in the top right. And my sister and I with our tree in the bottom right. (My brother was born a few years later)

Can you tell which one I am in the photos of my sister and I? Comment below!

May your holidays be healthy, filled with family and joy, and welcoming a fun and fabulous 2022!


Published by AncestryByAlicia

After obtaining my Master of Arts degree in History, and working on my genealogy for over 13 years, I decided to write about interesting historical matters from not only my family, but other interesting tidbits as well. I also research and present free walking tours in my city, including "Haunted Oshawa" and "Murder and Mayhem in Oshawa." I am currently writing two books. One is a historical account of small-town murders in Ontario. The other is a historical novel about the Royal African Company's James Fort on the Gambia River, 1715-1740.

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