The History of Halloween in Canada

By Alicia Bertrand, M.A. October 2022 Canadians LOVE Halloween. We love to dress up in our costumes, even if we have to wear our snowsuits underneath. Canadian adults love lining up in the rain or sleet to get into a bar to win “Best Costume” and flirt with Dracula, a Minion, or a zombie nurse.Continue reading The History of Halloween in Canada

Happy Holidays from Ancestry by Alicia!

Happy Holidays and a Happy 2022 to come! My family celebrates Christmas, and I thought you might enjoy a little Bertrand-Ross family photo collage to inspire you to look back at any family holiday photos you have. If you’re not close with your family, just know that we’re all cousins somehow, so you’re part ofContinue reading “Happy Holidays from Ancestry by Alicia!”